Aljamain Sterling Happy About Upcoming Ngannou vs. Fury Fight

July 19, 2023

Athlete Studio

UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling, is thrilled that former heavyweight titleholder, Francis Ngannou, has landed a fight with boxing superstar Tyson Fury. Ngannou's decision to leave the UFC after completing his contract was seen as a risky move by many, but it has paid off in a big way.

"I love this for Francis," expressed Sterling. "Everything he stood for, held out for, losing out on time; he's getting it all back.  It's all coming back full circle."  

Sterling acknowledges that Ngannou's move sets a new precedent in the world of combat sports.  "We've never seen a thing like this happen with a fighter leaving the UFC in a situation like that.  That sets a whole new precedent, and I think it's cool.  I think it shows that sometimes it's cool to bet on yourself."

"The UFC is typically the biggest show in town.  That can never be disputed, so for someone to say I'm not going to take the bird in hand and I'm going to try to take the two, or in Francis' case, maybe the eight or ten in the bush and take all those bags back home and try to eat; that's a wild gamble, and I'd like to say he won."

Ngannou has already defied the odds multiple times in his life, and now the question is whether he can defeat Tyson Fury in the boxing ring. With Ngannou's imposing size and devastating punching power, viewers are eagerly anticipating this showdown.

"I'm tuning in to watch that because I know Ngannou has freakish power," said Sterling.  "If he connects, that is as Deontay Wilder as it gets."

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