Aljamain Sterling Weighs in On Dolidze Loss

February 08, 2024

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In a recent twist of events, Aljamain Sterling, the former UFC Bantamweight, has shared his views on Roman Dolidze's recent setback in the UFC. Dolidze, known as "The Caucasian," faced a tough loss in a recent fight against Nassourdine Imavov.

This past weekend, Dolidze faced a challenging bout with Nassourdine Imavov and, unfortunately, didn't come out on top. The grueling match ended with a majority-decision nod in favor of Imavov, despite a point deduction in the fourth round for an illegal soccer-kick against Dolidze.

This loss marks a significant setback for Dolidze, leaving his professional MMA record at 12-3 and adding a second consecutive defeat after his decision loss to Marvin Vettori last year. Critiques of the decision have been circulating, but Sterling, also known as "Funk Master," has his own perspective on what Dolidze needs to improve for future success.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Aljamain Sterling delved into some of the weaknesses in Dolidze's fighting strategy. According to Sterling, one of the Georgian middleweight's main flaws is his inability to effectively execute takedowns.

While Dolidize has demonstrated significant skill once the fight hits the ground, Sterling points out a lack of proficiency in getting his opponents to the ground in the first place.

"Funk Master" Sterling suggests that Dolidze needs to focus on improving his offensive tactics, particularly in the clinch. He gave several examples of techniques that Dolidze should consider adding to his repertoire to ensure he can control the clinch and successfully take the fight to the ground.

Sterling explained, "Maybe we got to figure out some type of offensive attack that we can figure out how to get the fight to the ground. Whether it's a leg reap, dropping down for a double-leg, dropping down for a single leg, or using under-hooks to a throw-by, and he got to all those positions, and for me it was just like 'Damn dude, if you can just add that one little wrinkle into your game.'"

Sterling's insightful commentary on Dolidze's performance provides a unique perspective on how the fighter can improve and achieve future success in the UFC.

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